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RMC Ministries is dedicated to helping those in need. We are currently operating in six countries with many needs and causes in each country.

South Sudan and Uganda

South Sudan has a poverty level that is one of the highest in the world. To add to that travesty, it is currently in the midst of a civil war. This civil war has displaced hundreds of thousands of South Sudanese people and has left many dead. Food and water are very scarce, and living conditions are very poor.


Having experienced life in Romania during Ceausescu’s Communist reign, our president and founder has witnessed first-hand the toll it was taking on the people and the destruction Communism left after its fall. He wanted to do something to help these devastated people, to minister to those who were left and to help the Romanian community the best way he could.

Republic of Moldova

Since we began our ministry in 1991 in the country of Romania, we have seen our ministry flourish and people\’s lives being changed. We often take mission trips to Romania to visit the people we minister to and to visit others in need. In 2013 we took one such mission trip to the North Eastern part of the country.


After RMC Ministries was founded in 1991, with its focus of ministry in Romania, we experienced such gratification and joy seeing God\’s word being spread and people in need being helped that we wanted to expand our ministry to other countries in need. Being part of the mission committee of the church we attended, our president and founder remembered how, during the mission trips organized by the church, we had ministered to the people of Mexico and even performed puppet shows for the children.

United States

Though RMC Ministries main focus is on other countries, it is important that we not forget about the country that we are headquartered in. We have seen that a spiritual revival is needed within the United States.

Serving 5 Nations, Changing Lives: Join RMC Ministries in Compassionate Action

RMC Ministries is dedicated to serving those in need. We are currently serving in 5 impoverished countries; South Sudan, Uganda, Romania, Mexico, and Republic of Moldova. RMC Ministries was founded in 1991 by our current president Vasile Giulea. Having grown up in the country of Romania, but entering the United States as a political refugee during communism, Vasile’s heart was still for his native country and its people. His decision to found RMC Ministries was initially to work in this country and serve those in need. The ministry to Romania expanded such that we are supporting missionaries, planting churches, building much needed church buildings, and providing humanitarian support such as donating clothing, food, furniture, and appliances.

As of 2010 we started teaching the Bible to chaplains in the Sudan People Liberation Army (SPLA). After being asked to speak to a group of chaplains in the South Sudanese military, our president and founder found another opportunity to minister to an unreached population. Though we had seen poverty in both Romania and Mexico, the poverty we had witnessed in South Sudan far surpasses them both. The people live in huts with no running water or electricity. There are wells, but they are few and far between. We saw this as a great opportunity to expand the ministry to reach these desperate people. We have been able to implement Bible and Health Education clubs in the high schools and have even created a tuition sponsorship program to help pay for the school costs for children who are orphaned and/or cannot afford the high tuition.

We are currently serving in 5 impoverished countries

  South Sudan          Uganda          Romania          Mexico          Republic of Moldovav       

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