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The prisons of South Sudan have one of the worst conditions that we have seen. Our goal is to provide basic hygienic materials, clothes, beds, blankets, and basic healthcare medications. The prisons do not have restrooms; the prisoners currently use buckets in the corner and then dispose of them during courtyard free time, which, in some cases, can be 24 hours after. RMC prison and street evangelism is currently going on its third year. We are currently holding church services in 5 prisons twice a week, providing the prisoners with all the necessary hygienic materials, clothes, beds, and basic medicine. Last year, we were able to build a restroom facility and shower quarters, which has drastically brought down the infection rate within that prison. Our street evangelism team travels to multiple villages daily to spread the Word and listening to the needs of the people. They have reported an estimate of 14 individuals a week that have given their lives to the Lord. To continue to provide for the prisoners, and build more restrooms and shower facilities, plus providing Bibles and travel to various villages, the cost per year is $10,000.  We have seen the impact that this young ministry has accomplished and is an important part of our mission. If you wish to donate, feel free to click on the donate button and you will direct to this project’s donation page. Below is also the ticker of this year’s goal met thus far.